You just can’t hate rainy days

What do you do on rainy days? Are you bored stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do?

Pita Pata Pita Pata

Just think about how horrific it would be if it was raining on your birthday! What would you do? It would be as monotonous as a double science class in school!

Well, let me give you some ideas of what I do. Firstly I’ll ask someone to make me lasagne. I like this because it’s hot and cheesy especially when my sister makes it. While someone is making it let me just give you some more advice. I would get a soft, small ball and play inside. However, don’t make too much noise because your neighbours will complain. Just grab someone and play and if you need a goal just use four cones.  

But you just can’t hate rainy days because when you’re in a car and there is a gargantuan puddle you can run over it and wet everyone on the pavement or when you are wearing your wellingtons you can stamp on it.