Yes, we’re still best friends!

Oh I never imagined that I would be asked that question… Well let me tell you about my childhood friend, who I have known for all of my life. I’ll start with the most important thing, her name. Her name is NB and she is 11 years old. Now, lets begin. Going back in time to when we first met… We first met when we were both in our mum’s belly. You might think this is strange however I believe we were destined to be friends from the start. Not only are we family but also best friends. Since we were born we have always fought like cat and dog, however we really care about each other. She’s my best friend because she makes feel relaxed and comfortable. The only thing is, she tries really hard to be stylish (well she thinks she is… just kidding! Wink wink!).

Another important piece of information I want to share with you is that most of our younger family members went to the same secondary school so NB is also there and I will hopefully be joining her in September 2016 – I hope I get in!! It is important to us both that we continue this tradition.