What is the best food in the world?

The best cultural type of food is mouth-watering, cheesy pizza especially with pepperoni! Can you believe that pizza is the best type of food in Italy?

Did you know that in London they also have pizza with pineapple? They call it Hawaiian pizza. In London’s Pizza Hut they also put hot, steamy, majestic, cheesy cheese in the puffy crust on the end.

You can get pizza from Victoria Park Road in The Lauriston – it’s a pub that does pizza. It’s so nice because they do all kinds of different toppings including sausage, salty ham and they put lots of hot steamy cheese all over it.

So what you should have learnt is to always have mouth-watering, tomato-y, cheesy cheese pizza. Make sure you always put pepperoni and pineapple on top but don’t forget to put the hot steamy cheesy cheese in the crust.

So, what kind of topping will you put on?