The country that I really want to go to is the most hottest, peaceful, marvellous and calm country. It is called Turkey! The reason why I chose Turkey is because in summertime, when it’s night time, the weather is not too cold nor too hot and you can go and buy ice-cream until 10pm. In this shop, you can buy clothing, hair accessories, food and toys! In particular when you are going in the city, you will be shocked because there is a great hotel named Istanbul. Just like the capital! Here, you can have a ride on a camel for free. Turkey is as hot as the sun and Turkey is like a jungle: cats and dogs come from all over the neighbourhood when we are having a barbecue, because they love the smell of the food! Mmmmmm yummy! I remember when there was a family that had their daughter’s birthday so they had a birthday cake and the leader of the puppet show gave the girl a CD.

My birthday is coming up soon, so I will go and celebrate it in the summer holiday with my family in Turkey! I’m so excited, I can’t wait. I hope that it is just like the girl’s birthday.