These people inspire me

I chose this question because when other people make music it makes me want to play my guitar and express my emotions! There are lots of people who inspire me. The first one is my dad, he is always singing everywhere and any day. He is really talented singer he makes me SMILE when he sings! 

The second person is Anthony from Hackney Pirates on a Friday. I asked him to sing “Hello” by Adele. He is really good!

My 3rd inspiration is my little sister Raiden. She sings to me and dances and then the song gets stuck in my head. The 4th person is my music teacher Miss Mellwood, she teaches use new songs in singing assembly and in singing class. 

Do you know who inspired me to play the guitar? It’s ED SHEERAN! Outside he’s posh but on the inside he has ROCK AND ROLL in his BLOOD!

Some of you might know this next guy. Do you have a clue who it is? It’s Olly Murs. He wrote a song that I love and that song is ‘Dear Darling’.  

Some of you might know this guy, who sang “Sorry”… Justin Bieber! I really like his song ‘Sorry’ because Raiden sings it a lot!

Do you know who plays the piano?  Yes it’s John Legend, he plays the piano and I used to play the piano as well.