The games I play

What are the most popular games of 2016? 

The games that kids of today play are far too many to name. This paragraph will inform you of the most popular ones, continue to listen carefully! It’s informative but not boring… 

The games I play are Street Fighter and Sonic Generations on PS3, both are very good and fast-paced – just like Sonic says: Gotta go fast!

On the other hand there are calm and peaceful games which are soothing. These games are for example Minecraft and Terraria. A not so peaceful one is Fifa. It’s very irritating when you lose over and over again. It is so inexplicably advanced that I have no words or actions apart from screaming, moreover losing my temper!! However, in comparison they are fun when they are not irritating. Also Itari makes me want to pull my hair out! 

The computers we have are Lenovo, Microsoft and more. New computers and technology are always being made.