What magical power is the least useful? The power that I personally think is the least powerful is telekinesis, the laziest power, because all you can do is move inanimate objects with your mind meaning that you don’t have to train with it, so that’s why it is a bad power to have.

The second power I’m going to talk about is teleportation, a stupid power. If you teleport somewhere to save someone and the bad person might have made a trap so you can’t use your powers, and they have sprayed gas so you will suffocate. 

Actually, there is another power that I find even less useful – separation. If you have a loved one and you separate and you are both walking around and you both see that loved one it will be hard to explain. 

Flight is dangerous because if you are not watching where you are going you might fly in to a plane. 

Shrinking is also dangerous because if you are walking you might get stepped on.