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The most useful magical power is called STORMZY, named after my 3rd best rapper. With this power you can fly and control the weather. The reason I chose this is because, if you want to go to the beach and it is spine-shiveringly cold you can warm the weather up and you can get there quickly (like a black jet). The second reason is if some one was chasing you, you can strike them with lightning! CRASH!

The 3rd reason is if you are tired you can spray water on your face. I don’t care what you say this is the best of the best powers… ever! When you want to fly, your eyes turn gray like stormy clouds. The worst power to have is growing long nails (QUICKLY) because if you have a fight you can’t do anything but scratch them on their face but with STORMZY you can strike them with lightning. 

Why do you think London’s weather is always changing? DAARR! It’s stormzy. That’s why London is the best place not to live unless you are STORMZY. Don’t forget, STORMZY is strong and no one can beat him or her. 

Life is a roller coaster with STORMZY chaniging the weather all the time. If you were STORMZY what would you do?