Spanish music

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Hiya! How ya doin?

I love music because you get to listen to all different type of music from all around the world, even in different languages like Spanish.

I even know enough Spanish and I know what they are saying well, most of the time. Listening to songs in different languages is good because you get to learn amazing new words from all around the world.  The music that is cool to listen to is sad at first but then the rhythm goes faster  and you are kind of amazed of how up beat the song goes!

Up-beat songs are the best because it makes you feel very very very energised and ecstatic. That is when I love to dance and sing! On some music videos they sometimes put a dance routine to it. For example Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ and ‘What do you mean?’ These days if you look on teenagers/kids iPods your most likely to see Macy Kate, Drake, Zack Knight and Taylor Swift, Little Mix. Out of these, my all time favourite is Zack Knight he is AMAZING! Whenever I hear his songs I sing along even when I’m on the bus. I sing out LOUD and I get really embarrassed. 

The other music that is cool to listen to are swag and just like rapping songs because I hear that everyone is listening  to these type of songs in 2016. This music are as cool as ice .You wouldn’t get this stuff grown ups, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!