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So take a chill pill!

Firstly, responsibility is an important thing. If we don’t have it, our world as we know it will break down before our eyes. With responsibility comes great power, for example Ghandi had a lot of responsibility, he promoted peace amongst us all. Also, with having a job comes having money and responsibility.                 

Going to Church, Mosque, Temple or a Synagogue is a great pastime. It makes you more religious which makes you one with God. Also, it saves you from sin and rapture.

However, strictness is important too. It sets you up for life. Furthermore, it helps someone achieve their goals. Calmness is vital because if you are calm you are more focused. As Yoda said: “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to darkness”, so take a chill pill!

As well as that, happiness keeps you from being stressed. It’s infectiously good. I’ll leave you with this thought as once said by Tayo: “Happiness leads to humour, humour leads to love, love leads to respect”. So we learn these skills are important for people so if an adult follows all these steps until they’re dead, they gain great power.