What do you think being a child on a pacific island is like? THAT’S A STUPID QUESTION! Obviously, because we travel on segways we see lots of things and it is better than playing video games like Minecraft. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY?

Firstly, Segways have Bluetooth and so you can play music as you travel around the island. Secondly, it is a better way of travelling than walking – it is a new way of transport. There are down sides because sometimes you have to carry it when the ground is rough.

The last thing is nothing because it is too good and when I mean good I mean SPELLBINDING AND GLORIOUS!  Another thing about a Pacific Island is umm, lets see robots growing and making our food. When you are hungry you can just tell the robot to make any food you like. On the Pacific Island they have plain white, curved futuristic houses. The houses contain flat-screen TVs and robots that help take care of children. Inside it’s big like a space-station. Some people think that the houses aren’t eco-friendly, but they certainly are! The reason why is because they use solar power and hydro-electricity. These are my three best reasons why being a kid on a Pacific Island is good. Finally, what do you get when you sea robot on a tractor? The answer is “JHON CENA” ( A WWEwrestler).