Rap Music

 Why do children like rap music? Rap music is very popular, not everyone likes it. Children quite like listening to it. In fact, it is actually most admired by boys, but it’s not only boys, girls adore it as well. Furthermore, it is liked by children because of the enjoyable beat. The lyrics could be exhausting and hard because of all the words you need to chant in a small amount of time. However this could be very fun to learn and fills up time that would have been wasted. 

The emotions of rap have a huge impact aswell. Some emotions are:  excited, sad, demanding, happy etc. Some raps are with solos, some with beat box and some are rapped in a group. Some grownups are probably sitting thinking rap songs are really aggressive and change peoples emotions, but that isn’t always the case. Finally I would like to list and recommend the top top rappers: Fetty Wap normally has happy phrases, Eminem can be angry and sad but he was one of the legends, and Drake always makes you want to listen to rap.  

Raps are actually great!