My Top 6

I think there are many annoying phrases grown ups use but I am ONLY  going to tell you my top 6. Do you know some annoying phrases grown ups use? I am sure you do.  

The first one is “your child is so kind and sweet”, because you know that your child is good and you keep getting told they’re kind and sweet all the time! 

The second one is “your child is very bad”, because you don’t want to hear bad things about your child.  

The third one is “Are you blind?”Because you don’t see they are there and they call you blind and other rude things. 

The fourth one is “I am walking here”, because you bump into someone and they start shouting at you and you didn’t see them coming. 

The fifth one is: “SHH!” Because your in the library and then you get an important phone call and there is not a silent mode on your phone. 

The last one is not actually a phrase from a grown up, but instead from my cousin. It’s so annoying I have to share it with you. When we are playing shopkeeper, she is the shopkeeper and I am the employee, she says, “YOU’RE FIRED!” when she is playing with MY DOLLS! And she is 6 years old, which is 4 years younger then ME! How dare she?