My first task as mayor

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Well, the first thing I would do is set the rules for the county because could you imagine the county without them? It would most likely be a total disaster.

The first rules I would set is:

  • always be nice
  • never do bad things
  • help people
  • and the main thing is being kind.

Now some people have been coming up to me with complaints and these complaints I absolutely agree on. There has been a lot of littering. From this day on, everybody has to stop littering because it makes the streets look horrible and you would get sentenced in prison for 3 months. Could you imagine that? Well I wouldn’t want to, so don’t litter and you will never get sent to prison!

The next thing I would do is open up child care for struggling parents and working parents that can’t look after their children full time. This will also be a great opportunity for your kids to get to know different people.

Those are just a few of the things I would do as mayor of Hackney.