Music is for dancing!

Stop the music! Did you all enjoy that song? I can’t believe I just asked you that question. Anyway, I enjoyed this song because it is funny and exciting.

Now, tell me why you enjoyed it. Maybe because of the rhythm or the beat or even who sang the song. I love this song because it is super enjoyable and I like the artist who sang it.

I enjoy the way these singers dress up in their videos. It makes me want to jump off the sofa and start dancing, and I try to wear outfits like what the singers wear in their videos. For example, when I wanted to wear the same outfit as Beyonce in her Single Ladies video, I wore my swimming kit and I started to dance. When I dance I feel magical and it is as if I am over the world! I feel, at that moment, that I am Nikki Minaj or Beyonce.