More after school clubs

No YouTube video

Imagine travelling to different countries or cities without the internet – impossible, right?

It must be a pain in the butt! You can’t research, don’t know where you’re going. How would you feel to be completely lost? Lonely with no one around that you can contact with a phone. 

But there are positives. More after school clubs! If you have nothing to do you can play on a water phone – so epic. Don’t know what a water phone is? We’ve got internet now so look it up! If children travel back in time how do you think they would react? How would you listen to your favourite music? How will you order things from eBay or Amazon? “I want to get my favourite toy.” Do you know how to order them? “Help me out please!” I think it’s boring but my volunteer says it’s not boring. I wish I could travel to that time!