Mayor Myka

How could you ask me what I would do if I was the mayor of Hackney? Really, how could you do such a thing I am still 11! What do you think I would do?

Well, first I would ban all animal products (because I am vegan) and make sure that no one could buy them anywhere. I would make all butcher shops turn into sweet shops that did not sell gelatine because that is from pigs and they don’t get to pick if they get to be eaten or not.

Then I would give to charities and make my own charity for animal cruelty and to make sure that they don’t have to suffer anymore. I would let farm and zoo animals be in fields like a safari, but they don’t have to be seen by all the people if they don’t want to.

The third thing I would do is give to my family, so that they have all the money they need and they won’t have to work any more. Then they can have easy lives because working takes time from your day.

I would make schools have shorter days because you need to spend time with family and you only spend a little bit of your day with family.

One of the things I would make sure happens would be less homework because you don’t only have school but then you have to come home with homework, which to be honest no one likes!

The most important thing I would do is make a clone of myself so I can look at a good looking, kind, beautiful, brilliant, amazing, majestic human.

I hope you are happy with my answer and I hope it actually helped out and wasn’t a bore to read. Have a good day, Mayor Myka out.