Many jobs are important

What is the best job in the world? Wow, well guys, I don’t have an answer but I can tell you about the jobs that I think are important. Firstly, being a good citizen! I think this is an important job because its what you do first. You do it before you do any other kind of work.

Now, being a good  citizen is like throwing away your rubbish and helping to make your community the best it could be. For example Albus Dumbledore; he always trying to protect his friends and anybody he meets from danger, but this is only one of the jobs that are amazing in the world. 

My next important job is testing all the toys in the world. I think this is an amazing job because toys are like the life essence of children. It’s what they go to  when they are bored. I mean, remember when you were young and you just got a new toy. Wasn’t it the best feeling ever? Like when you got a scooter and you rode it when you weren’t supposed to just because it was so fun! 

Now guys, we’ve got a lot to go through and we’ve only gone through two out of six, so listen carefully! Number three is testing new technology in the world. Now, I think technology is a great part of our lives, we all use it everyday! It’s not surprising that every kid has an iPad, a laptop or whatever now. Technology is really important nowadays! If you need to search for something you don’t look in a dusty book any more! You go on Google, or any search tool! I think I should do this job because if it’s easy enough for a kid to understand, then an adult will surely understand it! 

The next profession down the line is working in a library. I think being a librarian is an awesome job because you get to read all the time. You also meet authors, which is amazing because these are the people who have used their imagination to create amazing stories. For example, Miss Print, the librarian in Harry Potter, who would never let a student with a bad reputation take a book. 

The following position I would like to talk about is being a doctor. It is such a significant job based on the fact that they have the power to save lives, also when something goes wrong, they have the courage to tell the family the news. 

Finally, the greatest occupation, of course, is being a mother. When you have children you are giving someone a life! You also get to give them advice and last but not least: LOVE.