London Eye, Friends, Fast Food and Swimming!

I highly recommend the London Eye because in winter it’s the best time as the sky turns very quickly at night and all the lights pop out. And when you’re high enough they look like different coloured stars twinkling. On the other hand, it takes half an hour on to the top and same on the bottom. 

Me and my friend Sheila were two peas in a pod, you know, best friends for life. Oh and by the way, her house is visible from the Eye because she has toys as tall as Mount Everest. 

Have you ever tried a hot mouthwatering spicy chicken wing? WHAT? NO! Well what are you waiting for?! Get off your phones or tablets and computers and go to KFC, Dixy and the best YumYums (at least I think it has some chicken). If you’re wondering what all of those are, they are fast food restaurants. And my favourite is KFC because they have my second fave, which is popcorn chicken (it is real food). Just for short THEY LITERALLY HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED!

Before I go swimming I must wait half an hour after lunch! Make sure you listen to what I say because you can get cramps and sink to the bottom. Just listen, if you were out in the ocean, and you just ate you would sink and drown if you’re not the person who broke the world record for holding their breath for 60 minutes. 

So I hope you have learnt about swimming after lunch.