Little Mix

Would you ever want to meet a famous band? A famous girl band? A famous girl band who won X Factor? They are the most amazing, cool and awesome people in the world. I guarantee you’ll love them too… Why you ask? Well because they are so cool and beautiful and they have won the X Factor, which I was really happy about. Their voices sound so good with harmony and there dancing is so amazing.

Well, by the way, have you guessed who I am talking about? If you haven’t let me give you a clue – their names are Jade, Perrie, Jessi and also Leigh-Anne. I hope you have guessed it by now! It’s obviously LITTLE MIX! They are a girl band and they have won the X Factor and that’s the only girl group that have won the X Factor and I want to meet them because I would want them to sing in my school so everyone could have so much fun and I would want to meet them as well because I really love their songs and I have been listening to their song since, like, FOREVER!