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Kittens are sweet like popcorn

If I had a pet I would have a kitten, I would get a kitten because they are adorable and fluffy like a teddy bear. Kittens are amazingly cute and cuddly. In addition they would be a great pet because they are extremely tiny and won’t get in your way. I would suggest a kitten because they are always clean. You can play with them.

Kittens is good choice of pet because they want your time and they are usually quiet. Meeoooowwwwwwww!

And you don’t have to worry about them because they will always be next to you. When they are new to the house you could train them and they will learn quickly. When it is used to everything you can take it to the park and take it to your friends house (if they let you!). It is obvious that kittens are the best pets in the world. What I would name my pet? I would name my pet Popcorn because popcorns are sweet and kittens are sweet as well.