It’s friendship

My answer isn’t what you might expect. Some people may chose X-ray vision or great strength. But my answer is nothing like that, in fact it isn’t a super power, it is much simpler – IT’S  FRIENDSHIP! Friendship is like a magical switch that turns on when your  friends are in danger. It makes you feel special and bubbly. If one of your friends gets hurt, the others stand up and protect, this is a friend’s natural instinct. Our switch comes on and it makes our blood boil when our friends are hurt and you know who is responsible. We just want to help and protect each other.

Our friends are like our family, as they are always with us. We may argue but real friends always become friends again. They know what makes our hearts break into millions of pieces and that makes us feel that no one can be trusted. They also know what makes us happy. They make us stronger and that’s what makes us who we are.

Well that’s just in my experience. So that is my simple super magic power.