I’ll see if the people are happy

Money is a difficult thing to get in life but I’m the Mayor of Hackney! I’m making everything free. If someone doesn’t sell it for free I’ll make you go to jail for ever. I’m making everything free because of three simple reasons. Number one: homeless can get finally free shelter and food. Reason two is that kids can afford school stuff like uniform, pens and pencils. Reason three: adults and kids are wasting their lifetime working and learning.

After the rule, I’ll go into Hackney and I’ll see if the people are happy. The good thing is that rich people can’t take any more advantage of poor people. If you disagree I’ll kick you out of the country or I’ll make you go to jail and you will not be able to see your family ever again. Vote for free or vote for jail those are the decisions. I’m only doing this for you, kids, women and gents! Don’t take advantage of the free stuff, there still is an age limit to buy some dangerous stuff. Please be responsible with the free stuff. Number one rule: you’re not allowed to smoke any more, so don’t get caught.