I would lie on the clouds

Can you imagine what it will be like if you were invisible?

The most fantastic and mind-blowing thing is if I was invisible; I could go to countries for free without them knowing.

The best type of magical power is… INVISIBILITY! The reason why I said invisibility is because if you want to rob a bank you can have anything you want like a Range Rover, Segway and a mansion.

Can you think of all the things you could have?

I also think that invisibility is great because you can do all sorts of things. I especially like invisibility because you can listen to people’s secretes without them knowing.

What would you do if you were invisible?

How would it feel if you to have power?

The best most incredible type of power is to… FLY! The reason why I said the power to fly is because it will get you to places faster and you wouldn’t have to sit in traffic for a long time. If I could fly I would lie on the clouds and sleep all day long.

I guarantee you that invisibility is THE BEST!