I don’t like sugar… I LOVE IT!

I’m confused, why don’t you love sugar?

It’s extremely sweet and the minute the delicate goodness touches the tip of your tongue you want to ask yourself what have I been missing? If you can’t picture it imagine it like this. It’s just like coffee, it keeps us awake and make sure we are not sleeping on the job, which is good – right?

If you forget about your friends or families celebration party that requires a gift you could give them the best present of all times… chocolate or sweets! Do you want to know why? Well it’s because they both turn your frowns upside down! Isn’t that amazing?!

This next section is specifically for parents:

MUMS, sugar is just like having a kid-free bath or drinking a warm, perfect cup of tea!

DADS, sugar is just like a football match which surprisingly your team wins!

Now this is for the party animals:

Everyone is hungry and the pizza is not here yet. Well, forget food when you have awesome chocolate such as Twix, Milky Bar and Cadbury. It’s a great food idea because it gets you in the mood for smooth grooves!

Are you writing a movie and you want kids to watch it? You should base it on chocolate as every kid dreams about chocolate. For example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory became a huge hit. Can’t you taste the chocolate in your mouth already?