Fetty Wap

What is the best type of music? 

I think that the best type of music to listen to has to be, yeah, you know it: Fetty Wap. I’m telling you, he is the best. I think that when he gets old someone will name themselves the Fetty Wap Junior (and that someone will obviously be me). 

Fetty Wap only has one eye because of a disease he had when he was only six months old. He is a role model to those with only one eye. He has lots of cars – over 18 of them! He also performs well and makes you want to listen to him more.

I’m just inspired by him, did you know they already call me “the Fetty Wap Junior”? There are other types of music but this is the best one. My personal favourite is RGF Island, I just love this song. 

The question that triggered this is what is the best type of music, and the answer is Fetty Wap!