Fast like a cheetah!

I think a Segway looks cool and fun when someone is riding it. It’s just for one person, you don’t have to share it with your friends. It’s like an automatic robot that responds to your body’s movements.

A Segway is similar to a bike but even better! It’s better because you don’t have to pedal, therefore you don’t have to use that much energy. Isn’t that better than tiring yourself out with a bike?

 You can use a Segway to go to the park so you don’t have to walk and it is more convenient because it’s fast like a cheetah. After going to the park, you can go to the shops and instead of having to lock it up you can just carry it in with you.

Finally, when you get home you can carry it inside to charge it and keep it safe. Riding a Segway makes me feel as free as a wild animal!