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Because it helps you!

Reading is very important because it can help you in many different ways. I think reading is also important because it can help you in school and wherever you are going, also it can help you in your daily life. If you are finding it hard to do your spelling you can read more and also, it can help you with your English.

If you read more, you can learn more interesting things to use in a conversation. It can help for any of your education and can make you smart like a computer. Reading gives you an exciting, amazing imagination and could give you a good way to work and have some exciting words. It could also give you a good experiences when you are reading and when you are speaking. Also you can share them with others like your friends and family. If people do not read they might not be able to spell and not say some more exciting words. Reading is important because you could get higher. 

You have your favourite books. In reading you can learn lots of interesting things for examples places, countries and animals. Some books teach you how to cook and you can learn different types of food. The most interesting things that you can learn is how to draw and maybe you can be chosen to became an artist. Reading can also tell you where you have to go and where it is. Reading sometimes makes you laugh because of the fantastic jokes.

Sometimes reading makes you have lots of fun with some of the pictures.