Be lazy and sleep the whole day!

No YouTube video

Of course we boys love playing football, so we take a coconut and play. It is a great idea! Imagine an epic paradise that is colourful and relaxing. The sad thing is that there are no video games and stuff like that, however, there is no school, YES!

What about creating your own things? We build rafts, have fires, and even wooden old style houses. If you want to hunt, hunt fish and make a dinner with fruit, like delicious mangos, juicy pineapples, smooth guava and even a sweet orange. You can have cheeky monkey as a pet or a slithering snake or even a small lizard which is not too big to look after.

You could also be lazy and sleep the whole day. Tell jokes maybe? My favourite joke to tell on the island would be: What do you get when you cross a fish and an elephant? Swimming trunks!