Back in the olden days they sold sweets for 1p

Is your childhood different to your parents’?

I think my childhood is different to my parents’ because back in the olden days they sold sweets for 1p and listened to slow old music such as the Beatles but today we have sweets for £1 or 80p. I think that’s extremely unfair because they could buy lots of sweets with less money.

We also listen to cooler music such as R&B, pop and hiphop. Another fact is that when my parents were little there weren’t a lot of shopping centres and they also went shopping for their parents. The similar fact about our childhoods is that we have some of the same movies such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If I was was born in the past and had to go shopping for my mum I would feel embarrassed because my friends might see me with a granny trolley.

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