As long as a snake…..sssssss!

Hi, I am Lauren I am going to tell you a bit about my favourite songs. My first one is called ‘Right There in Front of Me’ because it helps me understand who I really am and this is pop music made by Hasbro studios.

My second favourite song is called ‘Black Magic’ I like this song because it makes me feel happy when i come back home from a bullying day of school, this song is by Little Mix, this is also pop music.

Now it is time for my final song called ‘Hopeful’ by Bares and Melody… they were my first favourite song I have been listening to since I was 7 or 8 years old, this is an amazing song and I love it. HA! I am just kidding that isn’t the last song! This one is though, I promise you that because I am not going through, like, 1000 songs! Well this song is called ‘King’, I do not remember the singer but I loved this song ever since I sang in it choir with my music teacher Mr.Wilkinson, and that is the end of my amazing song list, it was as long as a snake…sssssssss!