A super car dealer

The job I would choose is a super car dealer because it is very nice coming into work and seeing all the luxury cars.

Even though there might be a slight feeling of me getting robbed, I will just try to do my best. Also it will be a well-paid job and I could choose any car and drive it home. For very regular customers I will give them great offers, like if you buy two super cars from me I will give you a family car for free and you can change your tires every week if they get destroyed or damaged.

It will be an amazing job because I will get lovely comments from people and if you are in a car crash you could just take another car from me and I will take the other one, fix it and put it up for sale.

If you buy more than three cars you could get a car discount up to £70,000 off but if you buy five cars you could get the next car free and a family car free, so that is why I would like to be a amazing super car owner.