The best game/toy of 2016 is a phone. As we all know, some people’s problem is that they don’t have friends. They would like to have friends like us but it’s not that easy for them to get friends in real life so they try to have friends online on websites like Facebook, Instagram, OOVOO or tumblr. As we all know that it’s not only phones that are great, but it can be other technologies like a tablet, iPad or computer you can do anything you would like.

Most importantly is that we’ve got contact with our family and friends so they can know how we are and what we are doing or where we are. We all go out with our friends to shopping centres or parks so we need to know where to go by asking our friends.

Phones are also great for GAMES! Some peoples can say that it’s for babies especially teens because they think that they are to cool for games. I’m a teenager but I’m a bit different. What I mean is that it’s a best thing in the world for me but I would like to know other people think.