Being a YouTuber

Can you imagine being a YouTuber and get loads of fans and people that support you? It would be VERY fun and wonderful! It is fun as riding a rollercoaster! The best job is to be a YouTuber because you have so many people that support you and you can make lots of friends.

Being a YouTuber makes your life easier because you don’t really get tired and smelly. When you work somewhere and when you come back to home, then you would be really tired and smelly, but if you’re a YouTuber, you won’t be tired! It will actually be very fun. You can also make new friends.

It is amazing being a YouTuber because you can have more money and you can be popular, then you will be brave. How? Because you will have loads of people is supporting you then they won’t be bad to you and instead they will be friends with you.

If you be really popular then you can go to the parties! That is something really great about being a YouTuber.