They are for lazy people!

Have you even rode a segway? Do you need one right now? Are you curious that you will not know how to ride one? 

What is so great about a Segway is that it’s for lazy people who don’t like to walk. On a Segway you have to have balance or the Segway will panic. Also Segways get people around quicker and Segways tell us if something dangerous is near by. Also, last but not least, you should always charge your Segway at all times.

One more thing – Segways have lights, which are like street lights, to make you see at all times. And Segways are futuristic and space like. When I first got my Segway I felt shocked.

One more thing: never ride a Segway backwards when the lights are behind you or when you get off the light will pop out and the sound like a nuclear explosion will hurt your ear drums.