Your Brain Could Pop Out!


Games can be so much fun that your brain could pop out! Also, they are somtimes factual. My favourite games for outside are hide and seek/tag. I love tag because it is like a monster is chasing you to the end of the world. But it’s not really a monster, it’s your friends having fun.

Inside games you can do can include creative and science based things such as: Shrink Design, Cool Cardz, Hama Beades.

What is it like for others?
Some people like Monopoly and Scrabble, electronic games and Mouse trap. For outside games they like football, tennis, cricket, swimming. Also, screwball scramble is like a maze for your fingers.

Some facts I have researched: Screwball Scramble is like a puzzle game before electronic games were invented. Buckaroo is a game when there is a horse, you have to put things on top of it and when it is too heavy it flicks, and everything comes off! Scrabble is a game when you have to find letters to make words.