Where Children Play

Where Children Play

I play in the park and at home with my toys.
In the playground we play many games such as ‘It’ and in my school we used to have monkey bars. The reason why we do not have them any more is because a lot of children broke their arms and it was quite painful.

These days children normally play Ping Pong (or table tennis), football and FIFA. You need to have a games console to play FIFA.

Other people are bored so they play in forests and cities. In the countryside they have treehouses. Bombsites were very popular after World War I and World War II. The reason why they played there is because they were getting bored of playing in treehouses. It was very dangerous and irresponsible because they did not bother about their safety.

In the past dangerous games had been banned. The reason why they were banned is because they were not safe. The Giant Stride was one of them. It was a giant swing which went very fast and if you were to let go you would fly. The Metal Barrel was a metal barrel. It was a game – you had to stand on it and the barrel would be moving. It was banned because it was very dangerous because children kept falling off.