Three Coloured Cat

What pets do you like? What pets do you have?

I have a pet cat called Princess she is a calicocat. Do you know what that is? Well let me tell you, it is a three coloured cat. I want a pet husky puppy with blue eyes. But I can’t have another pet because of my cat and she does not like other pets because she is the only pet in the house. She likes being the centre of attention.

Also when my family is watching a movie and we get popcorn, she jumps onto our big sofa and takes up all the space! Princess loves her food, so when my mum or sister feeds her she pretends she has not had any food. SHE IS SO FLUFFY!

I met someone called Kelly.She had a pet cat called Blue but sadly she moved out and she was not allowed to keep it but, here is the good news, her sister has the cat! Kelly was sad when she was not allowed to keep Blue because she loved him so much, but she still sees him.

Well, we are nearly finished but here’s one more shocking thing I found out – in Africa someone had a pet cheetah!