The World Of Childhood

The world of childhood

Hello my is Fanta. I am writing this to tell you about what I do in my spare time and what adults used to do when they were kids. Come with me to explore the world of childhood!
The things I like to do are drawing and artistic things like painting. I also
go swimming. I love to go swimming because when you get into the water you feel so light and graceful, also it is very refreshing and calms you down. I also love to go to dance club because I love hip hop and pop. I love dancing to a beat. Last of all my tablet,it’s my life and soul because Iuse it for my games and sometimes for homework.
This is only what I like.

Now for the things of what other people like. Now from what I’ve heard lots of people like to listen to Michael Jackson or often kinds of funk music.They liked to play on their play station 2 or draw or do other creative things or would eat delicious gooey toffee buns. What do you like to do?