The Weirdest Hobbbies


You won’t want to know what I found out about hobbies. First of all I will tell you about the weirdest stuff I have researched about. There are: dying animals’ fur; designing fruit and veg by scraping the outer sides; eating competitions; harvesting crops for the biggest ones; playing dead; tattooing vehicles; grooming pets; knitting weird things to keep and much more. Also you will find out what are my favourite hobbies and other visitors’ favourites.

My favourite hobbies are: knitting; swimming; D.I.Ys; listening to music; crafting; board games and song writing. I love these hobbies because they create my imagination into a very sensitive one, by trying and never ever giving up. My lifestyle could be a very creative one because I try every new thing that I ever see online. I have a room full of crafting equipment, what can I try next?

I have met a few visitors that told me about their favourite hobbies. The hobbies were: playing football; gymnastics; reading; swimming; board games; dancing; playing in the fields and, last of all, making dens.