The Important Thing In The World To Me

Do you like clothes and are clothes an important thing to you?


Clothes are the most important thing in the world to me. I like blue and pink clothes and I like them to be short because it is stylish. And I like to colourful and I like dresses. Helen didn’t have shoes when she lived in Zimbabwe. Shane always wore black and white shoes that didn’t cost much money. Neither of them had very much money.


I like a dress to be colourful like a rainbow. I have a blue and white skirt that I like to wear in summer. In winter I wear a long coat to protect me from the cold and the rain.


I like velvet because it feels soft and nice and it shines in the light. I like to wear sport shoes in winter to do sports or exercises.  The clothes which I like best are sold in a big shop called Matalan.

For a party I would wear a light blue summer dress made of cotton.