So Many Games

So many games

Some of my favourite games are Fifa 16(which is a football game), PS4(which is a console), Black OPs 3 (which is a gun game), Minecraft(which is a creative game), Bulldog (which is when one person is in the middle, you’re trying to run past and if the catcher gets you , you’re in the middle with the catcher and you have to try to get the rest).

A segway (which you ride on and you can do a 360 turn and you can find them in different colours or you can have a segway race) is one of my faovurite toys. I like the red and black colour and I have one in fiery red and black like the night sky.

I play football because I want to be a footballer in the future. When I was young, I used bike race with my friends and play with lego. But currently, my favourite game is FIFA16 because it has something to do with football.

I imagine other people enjoy playing puzzle games such as Sudoku, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers. Other games that I have found out are Red Rover(played in the USA) and Bulldog (played in London). I found out about a game called tamagotchi – which sounds stupid – is a virtual toy pet on your key ring.

Some people around the world think football is a friendly match and other people around the world think fishing is kind of crazy.

I have researched games in India and have found out about Badminton. This is a game where a net is