Segways are the best

Can you imagine what it would be like losing your segway?

I would feel highly devastated because without my segway, getting around would be extremely monotonous!

It is extraordinarily exciting when I race with my friends.In addition,my brother and I each have our own segways so don’t argue! My sister finds segways totally boring because she doesnt like falling off, and some explode!

Wouldn’t you be excited to find out about anything similar to segways from three other people? I asked three older people and this is what they explained to me.

Alby, who is 29 years old, had something called healies.The healies are something like rollerskates or blades. Collin, who is 63 years old, had normal scooters, which were similar to segways but you had to push forward with your feet. Anna who is 29 years old as well,had an awesome object called a micro scooter, but because she lived in the US,she calls it razor scooter.

The facts that I have researched are; there are 2 ways of spelling swegway/ segway. Swegways are the ones where there is nothing to hold on to and Segways have a handle. Moreover they are illegal in the UK, but not in other countries. Lastly, they have lights which make them look officially amazing!