Scrumptious, Delicious and Tasty

Scrumptious, delicious and tasty food!

Hmmm… I wonder how other kids think about food. I love it! Some of my favourites are: Chinese food, rice with salad, and pasta.
Even though I love food, I don’t feel the enjoyment of eating food from animals. However, it might just be me that’s peculiar because I know for a fact that lots of kids love cheese-burgers and chicken nuggets.

Not long ago, I interviewed some guests all about the delicious and tasty foods they ate during their childhood. I found out they ate a lot of meat during their childhood, unlike me. I learned a lot of facts about popular cultural foods, and then I decided to research more childhood foods from other places.

Whilst I was researching, I found out that Japan’s school lunches are amazingly artistic and delicately decorated! For example, they mould the rice and use vegetables to represent well-known characters such as: Pikachu, Hello Kitty and Mario.

I also noticed that the most popular foods around the world that children love are quite unhealthy such as: chips, crisps and chocolate. That’s fine by me, because I LOVE unhealthy foods! I love foods such as: macaroni cheese, pizza and cupcakes! However, my favourite school food is mash potatoes with sausages and gravy. I mean who doesn’t love food though?