School Life From Both Sides

School life from both sides

What is school like for me?
I think school is very useful because without education, we will not have a good life as it will very hard.
What is it like for other people?

had a lot of teachers who were all scary expect for one. One day when that nice teacher fell of the chair while teaching, everyone had to keep in their laughter inside of themselves because he was nice.

went on a school trip and drank lots of tea. When he went home he wet the bed.It was the most embarrassing moment of his life. He went to school in Ghana where they got whipped when they were naughty. After that experience, he moved here and found out that you never get whipped. PHEW! Boy am I glad about that.

Where Zubedah
went to school girls had their skirts measured every Friday.They got caned when naughty.

School life in my country (the Gambia) is very hard because there is a level in each year group and if you don’t pass that level you’ll have to repeat it no matter how old you are. It’s also very strict because they want you to get where you deserve and they don’t take education as a joke.

The major difference in The Gambia is that your hair has to be a certain length. For boys, they have to have as shaved head and for girls, their hair can’t be any longer than their ears. One of the things that’s the same is that you have different lessons, especially learning different languages. So in England I’ve learnt Spanish and French and in the Gambia I learnt some Portguese and Guinea-Bisseau.