School Is Noisier Than A Gang Of Monkey’s

My Favourite Subject

Favourite subjects are important. My name is Befru. I was born on the 1st July 2004. School is noisier than a gang of monkeys, so my best friend forrever and I have the same favourite subjects. My special subject is art. Well once, I did a really bad art picture. It was so embarrassing for me.


Laurida’s favourite subjects and ones she hates

Laurida’s favourite subjects are important for her, because she loves school. I met her as a visitor and she was from Essex and born on 1980s. Laurida’s favourite subjects are English and art, but her worst subject was maths. However Markuse’s favourite subjects were fun and exciting for him, because he loved going to school and chatting with his friends. I met him as a visitor, as well as Laurida, he is from Germany.