Playing is fun !


I love playing with my friends! At weekends when we go to the park we run around. Sometimes I get pocket money and I buy some sweets to eat. When I go to my friend’s house we play Jenga – boom! My friend Gemima always wins. I would love to win one day!

When we are in the park we play hide and seek or cops and robers, our favorite game ever is … Aliens! We created that game. The game is about one person being an alien and the alien has to eat/catch everyone to transform everyone into an alien.
During my exploration, I have discovered Derek`s childhood.He used to play with his friends after school, at weekends or during school holidays. He played cowboys and Indians with his friends, and also played with a few cars in the road. He played with something dangerous too, many bombs! And Fridays were pocket money night, so on Saturday they went to the morning pictures, another word for the cinema.