TV Programmes
My favourite TV programs are Pokemon and My Little Pony. My favourite Pokemon character is Pikachu. Pikachu is a yellow Pokemon he has a lightning bolt tail and the tip of his tail is black. Pikachu has red cheeks that shoot lightning because he is a lightning type Pokermon.
My favourite My Little Pony character is Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie is a pony with a light pink coat and a dark pink mane and tail. Pinkie Pie has two blue balloons and one yellow balloon with yellow string as her cute mark. These represent her talent of partying.

I like Pikachu because he is so CUTE! Pikachu is as cute as a Fluttershy. The reason I like Pinkie Pie is because she is crazy, like me! Pinkie Pie is even more crazy then my dog after he’s been washed.

I interviewed a guy named Phillep. His favourite TV programme is Neighbours. He also likes Pokemon, like me. Phillep’s favourite Pokemon is Squirtle. Slippery Squirtle is as wartery as my daddy’s squash. Phillep likes Squirtle because he’s good at sneaking up on people. Phillep is also German just like me.