On A Good Day Out

On a good day out…

On a good day out, I like to go out with friends and hang out at a park near a chip shop and a normal shop so we can get drinks and chips.  We would have met at school and gone to the park, the park is next to some really cheap shops so we can get loads of sweets and big packets of chips. We would all share it out because we are all good friends.

Hannah said when she was younger she used to go out with friends on their bikes and they lived near the beach so they would go there a lot. They would all would gossip about all the new stuff going on in the school, she would also go out with her best friend and would just talk about stuff.

Stacey said she would play knock down ginger with her best friend and would have so much fun she could burst. Once she was in lots of trouble when she was caught one time and was taken back home.