Old Schools V.S New Schools

Do you like school? Yes, no? For centuries people have been going to school and learning new things every day. But how has school changed? Now (in 2016) school is more modern and complex. We use more hi-tech equipment and have more extraordinary objects that can help us learn. In my school we have enormous computers and iPads that are touch screen. I bet they didn’t have that in the olden days when adults were around! Also, nowadays life is much, much easier. As easy as saying “hi”. We are lucky children. We get to take the short cut around things that will help everyone.
I was on a quest to see how my childhood is different to other people. Preya said she grew up in Kenya, but then moved in the middle of secondary school. She completed the rest of her studies in England and made the trip by herself. It must have been scary! She probably likes it more than Kenya because she still lives here with her boyfriend.

There was another lady, she was born in New Zealand and her best friend was called Kiyly. She lived near the beach and liked to go to the rock pools. Her favourite school time was year 8 because she really like art and her favourite teacher was Miss Waverly. They had no computers, so they had to write everything by hand.